Our longest lasting print method available is embroidery. Yes, the same concept as to how your great grandmother used needles and thread to embroider a design in any garment. Ours is just more advanced and done at a faster rate.

We use machines to get the design on fabric. This is typically used in printing ornamentation in corporate uniforms, trade wear, and workwear. We also accept embroidery jobs for blankets, towels, beanies, scarves, bags, and other kinds of fabrics.

For embroideries, you can provide us with your own fabric. If this is what you intend to do, you can contact our sales team and ask for a “print-only” quote. Whether the fabric will be coming from you or you will use ours, the minimum order remains the same, which is 20 units per design. For smaller orders, we recommend that you choose digital printing. It is awesome, and the production time is faster.

How does the embroidery process go? After the approval of the final artwork, printing and processing your orders will take about two weeks. You can get in touch with us if you have a rush order so that we can check what we can do to accommodate your deadline.