T-shirt Design Fails

No matter how good you think the design of the shirt is, one wrong letter can change the meaning of the message. This is something that many people learned the hard way when it comes to having their own designs printed on shirts – the importance of spell-check.

Here are the other common t-shirt design fails you have to remember before finalizing what you want to get printed on your shirts:

1. Is that really what you mean?

Statement shirts are sometimes serious and often funny, but they can also send out the wrong message. Read the design and have someone check it for you before giving your printer the green light to pursue the production.

2. Spell awkward

Certain designs might put you in the wrong limelight, especially when you are in a crowd of strangers. You have to remember that what may look funny for your best friend may sound absurd for your parents and out of this world for a stranger.

3. Wear shirts with designs appropriate for your age.

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