Shirt Designs Inspired by Movies and Music

Many people have a fascination with recreating what they’ve seen on popular media, such as movies, music, television shows, or the Internet. This is part of the customized shirt printing business boom – clients ordering for designs inspired by something popular.

Here are some of the shirt designs typically sent to printing hubs:

  1. Movie titles or lines from the film
  2. A quote made by a famous person or an infamous quote that caught a lot of people’s attention
  3. Song titles or lines from the song lyrics
  4. A popular sound-byte from someone famous
  5. A mantra popularized by media personalities

The list goes on and on and on.

The good thing is that it is easy to turn your design ideas printed into shirts you’d proudly wear. They also make great gift items to fans and followers of the designs you’ve included in the shirts.

For statement tees, always remember to spell-check and search the words to be the exact match of their sources.

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