Supacolor is a product of an advanced printing technology that allows the reproduction of your logos in an almost perfect manner. The concept originated from New Zealand, and we have brought it to the US to give our clients more options when it comes to their printing needs.

The printed output using supacolor is quite durable that it will outlast the garment used. The process allows photo reproduction and printing up to the tiniest detail and without compromising the color. It is also highly versatile and stretchable in fabrics.


This is the better option for those who want an embroidery finish for their printed outputs without compromising the image. It entails dye sublimation of your image or logo into a patch, after which the edges are stitched on the garments.

It gives the edges more details and the final material more vibrancy. The only downside is that this is less durable than embroidery but will still last for a good deal of time.

Supacolor and Supasub

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own garments but instead get them from us for both processes. They are products of proprietary technology that will best adhere to the products we have acquired from one supplier. We assure you that we only use high-quality fabrics for this purpose at prices well within your reach.

Both printing technologies require a minimum of 20 units per job order. Processing of your order takes about 10 days. For lower than 20 printing needs, we suggest that you avail of our digital printing services, which also takes faster to finish.

Talk to us for quotes and turnaround time. You must also give us a heads up if you have a rush order or have certain specifics about the design, which you want to discuss before proceeding with the printing job.