Direct to Garment (DTG) is a printing process utilizing inkjet technology. This is the same concept that allows you to print on paper, but in this case, water-based ink specially formulated for this purpose is used to print directly on the garment.

The process makes it possible to accept printing jobs without minimum orders. Our printers are capable of printing in a wide range of colors so that the fabric feels softer compared to the traditional screen-printing process.

Do you have a design in mind? Save your file with at least 300 dpi and in the formats of tif, gif, eps, png, or jpeg. If you found an image on Google that you want us to print on a garment, make sure that the size is bigger than 1024 x 766.

Otherwise, it will be pixelated, which we can also push through with the printing process if you are okay with having a blurry or pixelated printed image on your shirt.

Here’s how it works:
  1. We queue your order based on the date you posted it and your preferred shipping method. Take note that rush orders are placed first in line in the printing queue.
  2. Colored garments will undergo pre-treatment to ensure that white ink will adhere to the shirt. It will then be dried in a heat press. The process may leave a mark on the shirt but rest assured that it will come off after washing the garment for the first time.
  3. Our operator will look into your notes about the image you have uploaded. They will choose the best print setting before giving it a go.
  4. After printing, the garment will be placed in our advanced and high-class Adelco Tunnel Dryer for curing.
  5. Your shirt will be brought to our dispatch area to prepare and pack for shipping.