Can I use my own artwork as designs for my shirts?

Of course. You are the boss when it comes to design. We will print as you wish. Just make sure that you save the file in high resolution and file formats accepted in our platform. In sketches or drawing, you will need to scan or photograph them before sending to us in the right file format.

If you don’t know how to convert images to the appropriate formats, we will help you with that. Just send us the scanned material, and we will handle it for you.

Can I make suggestions about the placement of the design on my shirt?

Yes. We will keep in touch regarding designs and other details. We want to be sure we know exactly what you want before proceeding with the printing process.

Can I get discounts for bulk orders?

Of course. The more you order, the bigger the savings you’ll get. You can also mix and match your orders – different styles, colors, and sizes, without affecting the price. Call our sales team to get a quote or to know more about pricing details.

Is your payment system secured?

We always check to ensure that we don’t compromise our clients’ security, especially when it comes to payment. You can go through our “Privacy Policy” to know more about the matter. We also accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal.