Have you always fancied your own printing shop but still lack the funds to chase the dream? You may want to avail of our print on demand, an affiliate program that allows you to set up your shop without any costs.

This is a good starting point to learn the ins and outs of the venture without any risks – no cancellation fees, no setup fees, and no subscription fees.

We have an easy-to-use template that you will fill up. Follow the instructions given to activate your account and start using the platform to earn.

You will take care of your shop’s orders and inquiries, and we will handle the printing and shipping concerns.

How does it work?

You sign up in our affiliate store program. You will upload your designs your clients can choose from. Once somebody buys from your store, the order will go through our system, so we process it on behalf of your store. You will get your commissions at the start of each month via PayPal.

You have the option to customize your website to lure more potential clients. You can add a blog and other features, which you deem necessary to make it more appealing and user-friendly.

Don’t worry, the printed products from your store will be delivered to your clients without reference to Cheap Tees. We use a white label and unbranded packaging, so your clients won’t have any clues that their orders didn’t come from you.

The good thing about this, especially when you are only starting in the business, is that we always got your back regarding technical concerns. We can help you fix bug and login issues so that you can focus on your clients and sales.